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    Shangyu Kaiyao Lighting Co.,Ltd.is located in Shangyu city,Zhejiang province,which is between Hangzhou and Ningbo city,the transportation is very convenient.KLIGHT is specialized in developing, manufacturing and marketing all kinds of interior and exterior lighting.Our product range covers Desk lamp,Floor lamp,Spot wall lamp,LED lamp,and...
 Indoor Lamp
   ·Desk lamp
   ·Floor Lamp
   ·Spot Wall Lamp
   ·LED Lamp
   ·Paper Lamp
 Outdoor Lamp
   ·Garden Lamp
   ·Wall Lamp
   ·Ground Buried Lamp
   ·Solar Lamp
Shangyu Kaiyao Lighting Co., Ltd.
Add: Lihai Industrial Zone, Shangyu
City, Zhejiang Province,China
Tel: +86-575-82788220
Fax: +86-575-82717298
Contact Person; Jane Lv
Email: Jane@klight.biz
Web: www.klight.biz
Garden Lamp
Product list: KL7001 KL7002 KL7003 KL7004 KL7005 KL7006......
Wall Lamp
Product list: kl001c kL003g kl003k kl003n kl005d kl005e kl006h......
Floor Lamp
Product list: GX6350B-black GX6350M GX6451-white GX6451-black .....
Desk lamp
Product list: GX6319 GX6429 GX6430 GX6431 GX6508 GX6686 GX7727......
Solar Lamp
Product list: KL001C KL003G KL003K KL003N KL005D KL005E......
Spot Wall Lamp
Product list:SD08 SD09 SD10 SD11 SD12 SD13 SD14 SD15......
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Tel:+86-575-82788220  Fax:+86-575-82717298  浙ICP备10210901号 Contact Person;Jane Lv  Email: Jane@klight.biz  Web:www.klight.biz